Database Integration (Take your data mobile)

Access Anywhere

By combining your database into your website, you will have access to your data anywhere you can get on the internet.

MySQL Databases

There are a lot of reasons to use MySQL databases, but my personal favorite is that it is free!

Clean User Interfaces

We can create simple, user friendly forms on your website to collect the data you want to store.

Access Anywhere

Moving your spreadsheets and databases to an online portal clearly offers a multitude of advantages. Today's business is on the go, daily. If you can't get to your data, you aren't being efficient. Also, with good planning, I find that overhead expenses can actually be reduced by distributing work loads out to your front line workers.

By designing the interfaces custom to your needs, you can control what is being entered into your systems. Ultimately, reducing the amount of 'busy' work that have plagued businesses for years.

MySQL Databases

I choose to work with MySQL databases for two primary reasons. First, they are free with most web hosting services. It's hard to beat free. Second, they work great with .php programming and website development. For the scope of services offered by MHK Web, they are more than sufficient for any need.

Clean User Interfaces

I prefer to use Bootstrap based themes for all my projects. Bootstrap was developed by Twitter as a way to solve the problems associated with the current explosion of different screen size devices. The coding is designed to detect the screen size when the page loads and adjust to that screen based on the way it is programmed.

The primary advantage of this is to give the user a better experience no matter what device they are using to view your pages. The other large advantage is the reduction in cost because you only have to maintain one site instead of multiple sites designed to meet all the different screen sizes.

Take the Step

Proper Planning always Saves Money.

We will take the time to make sure we have the best picture possible of what it is you want to do with your database. The more we can learn from you, the better product we can make.

Design the site

Once we have a good plan, we will work on a design that incorporates all of your requests. We use templates to save you money in the design phase, but will customize those to match your plan.

Start Building

Once we have a great plan and a design template that you approve of, we will begin to build your actual site.